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Why come to a tutored tasting?

Hi all

We have our first few tasting events either booked in or at least in the works so this post is a bit about what a tutored tasting event is.

Here at Hwb we are keen for people to try a range of drinks that they may not have come across before. This is why we have the 1/3rd serve option in our Schooners and have our wonderful flight boards. You might only be one drink away from your new favourite.

This ties into what a tutored tasting event will look like. We will focus on a particular style or drink (we have been talking to some wonderful Gin, Whisky and Mead producers to give you an idea!) and include 6 x 1/3rd measures and a takeaway measure in a format suitable to the style. The actual event will consist of every participant and the host going through each measure together and discussing the flavour make up, a bit about the genesis of the style and why and how that beverage has become and remained popular.

We won't get too bogged down in the nitty gritty science of the production so don't worry about having to wear your lab coat. This is intended to be an informal and fun evening where we will have some amazing drinks from independent producers and a good natter about them.

Tickets and details of each event will be available on as and when they are confirmed.

Our first event is focussed on the wonderful and varied world of Lagers. There are so many takes on this amazing style, we think you'll be surprised! Tix coming very soon so keep an eye on our social media updates for mor details.

See you at the bar.

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