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New year, new ideas

First things first, happy new year all from all of us at Hwb! We had an absolutely brilliant festive period and that is down to the amazing support we had from everyone that came through the door

In a year that saw energy and product prices reaching eye watering heights for everyone, we'd be lying if we said that there haven't been some sleepless nights. The amount of kind words and incredible support we've received over the last days, weeks and months has been genuinely heart-warming. For that we want to say the biggest thank you we can to every single one of you.

So, what do we have planned for 2023 we hear you ask? Well, what follows will answer some of those questions.

Live music: We have had some truly brilliant acts play at Hwb over the last year and a bit and we very much want that to continue. There will be some changes and new additions to that though. For the regular, Saturday night music nights, we will be looking to trim down the number of acts that play as we feel we have a much better focus on what works within the space we have. We will be offering a number of acts a sort of residency with them playing once every couple of months. We feel this will give all our customers the chance to see their favourite local acts more regularly. Got to get the most out of those dancing shoes somehow, right?

That being said, we will also be looking to put on few more of the all-day events like we did around the Narberth food festival. This will give up and coming acts as well as the incredible existing acts we've had at Hwb, plenty of chances to play as well.

Quiz: We have been blown away by how many of you have come and lent your support to our weekly quiz nights. We are so happy with how they are going and that it brings so many people in our community together, that these will very much be continuing in their Tuesday night slots. Also, we're so greatful to our wonderful quiz hosts that give up their time to bring such wonderful entertainment to us every Tuesday night so we'd like to say a massive thanks to Dave, Kelly and Geraint!

New Bits: We have a few new things we want to try out with our beautiful venue.

We will be beginning fortnightly Hwb Bingo nights in the very near future on Thursday nights. There will be more details on what this includes coming very soon.

We will be hosting more of the tasting nights similar to the event in conjunction with the Wander Beyond tap takeover. We were blown away with people's want to try more elusive beer styles and we absolutely want to be able to offer that opportunity.

In the next week or so we will be beginning our new coffee loyalty cards. We have so many people take the time to say how much they enjoy the coffee here at Hwb (big thanks to Capital Roasters for the delicious beans), so we want to give something back. Once we have everything in place we will have loyalty cards available. Once you've collected 9 stamps, your 10th coffee will be on us, then it's time to grab your new card and start getting that stamped as well, woo hoo!

You can also expect things such as book clubs (what with the incredible looking new library opening next door and all), board game nights, themed food and drinks days and weekends and more.

That'll do from us for now so cheers for getting through this bumper blog. Thank you again for helping us keep our dream alive and well and, as always, see you at the bar X

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