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Wake me up before you bingo-go

Hey all

Here's a little update on some new bits we will be starting at Hwb this year.


Thursday 26th January sees our very first Hwb bingo night. We are super excited to see those dabbers dabbing for the first time here at Hwb. Keep an eye out for specific info about how we are running our bingo noights and what prizes are up for grabs in the coming days.

Swap Shop

Sunday 29th January will be our inaugural swap shop. Do you have any bits of clothing that you don't wear any more but are just too good for the bin? A book that you've read to death? CD's but no CD player? Then fear not, bring them to our swap shop, drop the item off and have a rummage for some new swag, whether it be book or bag. Items will be on display from Midday in on one of our cosy Cwtch areas so head on in and have a rummage, you might find your next bit of treasure. Also, any items left will be donated to one of our fantastic local charity shops so all for a good cause.

Six Nations

For the very first time we will have a screen in our bar area and show the upcoming 6 Nations tournament. Never fear though, if you want to get away from the sport then our food hall area and both Cwtch areas will be sport free zones.


We love our quiz nights here at Hwb and, judging by how many of you have been coming along, so do you. Sadly a couple of our fantastic hosts have either had to take an indefinite hiatus or are relocating and won't be able to host any more. They have been brilliant so a massive Hwb thank you to them and we wish them the very best of luck. We a nattering away to a few more brilliant hosts and hopefully you won't see much/any disruption to this weekly event. Keep your eye on our social media pages for info on that. If you'd like to have a crack at putting together a quiz and having a crack at being a host then drop us a messsage via or via our social media pages.

Coffee loyalty cards

We are now one whole week into running our coffee loyalty cards in which one coffee equals one stamp. Your 10th coffee is on us so keep it safe in your bag or wallet and remember to get it stamped each time. We have already had a few finished cards from our regular morning coffee fans. (Tea, Hot Chocolate, Herbal drinks and such are also included but it really doesn't roll of the tongue to say that every time)

Board game nights

In the next couple of weeks we will be gathering together a collection of board games to keep here at Hwb. Are you a mogul of Monopoly? Fancy yourself a bit of a General and want to smash others at risk? Are you a pop-up-pirate pro? While we will have these games available throughout the week, we thought getting some communal gaming on a Wednesday evening would be a perfect way to break up the week and give the TV a break. Also it means you can take a picture of your progress and pick back up where you left off the week before.

Well the cake is well and truly iced for now (even though we have other cool stuff in the pipeline). We can't wait to see you all enjoying these new additions!

See you at the bar 🍻

Much love, Team Hwb x

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