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Summer is done, Winter has begun

Well we can't believe we're saying it already, but we are rapidly closing in on our first birthday as well as our second Christmas and New Year!!

We will be sharing details soon about the celebrations that we have in store, so keep an eye out - They sure are going to be fun!

Our first Summer and Autumn passed us by in an absolute blur of new faces, events, musicians and drinks! We couldn't be happier with the amazing support we've been shown from both the local community, and those that have travelled to this part of the world and popped in to say hello. It means the world to us all and we hope you have had as good a time as we have.

A less fun part of the year is that sadly we have been hit with hikes in both produce and energy prices. We understand that everyone is being affected by these hikes and we are doing our best to absorb as much of this cost as we can. However as you can imagine the cost of keeping a building the size of Hwb warm and cosy throughout winter is enough to bring a tear to the eye (and has done!) In light of this we have had to, or will have to, tweak our prices a little rather than dropping the quality of the produce we have on offer. We are working hard alongside all of our amazing providers, to ensure that we can give you access to all the awesome things we showcase at Hwb, for as fair a price as we can. .

We have loads of really cool artists coming up on our Saturday live music events and as always these will be free to attend. We also have the brilliant Collabageddon event on in a couple of weeks time. This sees a selection of some of the best breweries around the UK team up to create a raft of incredible and genuinly unique brews. We have been leaving little tasters dotted over our social media recently and there will be more coming soon. We are privileged to not only be taking part, but also as the only venue in Wales that youll be able to grab these awesome beers. We also have our Christmas fair coming up in early December which will showcase all sorts of brilliant stuff, from Xmas themed trinkets to beautiful gifts, We can't wait.

More from us soon and as always, thank you to every single person that has come and show us love, you are all the best!

See you at the bar

Team Hwb X

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