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What is a tap takeover and meet the brewer?

So we at Hwb want to try and bridge the gap between producers and product. This is why we have open kitchens, so you can speak to the people that get to put their creations on your plate.

So the question is why should the producers of our amazing drinks be any different? We don't think they should and so we are bringing you regular events that focus on a particular producer at a time.

In essence a tap takeover is an evening in which we will have a huge showcase of drinks from a brewery, cider maker, distillery or another producer. It'll give you the opportunity to try the whole spectrum that they dedicate their professional lives to trying to perfect. Also you may have only stumbled across one or two of their wares out in the wild, liked them but not known how to get hold of or try more of their stuff. A tap takeover solves that problem and you never know, you might find your new favourite drink!!

So what about the meet the brewer part then?

While our team will always try to keep as wide a base of knowledge as possible, nothing will compare to the person that has designed the recipe, dug out the mash tun, cared for hop additions or monitored the fermentation throughout. So in conjunction with a tap takeover, many of our events will feature an appearance from some members of the team that produces the very drink in your hands.

It is a wonderful feeling talking to someone that appreciates you hard work and brewers are no different. If you want to know what makes a breakfast stout a breakfast stout then you can ask them. Why did they choose those hops? What separates a West Coast and a New England IPA? What even is a Saison???

All the answers to these questions and more are at your fingertips at a meet the brewer event.

We could talk about how much we value and enjoy these events for ages but really the best way to know for yourself is to come along, have a natter with the team and try something new. We think that sounds great and we hope that you do to!

Cheers for reading.

See you at the bar x

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