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Summer Weather... Summer Beers!!

Hey all, hope you are all keeping well and keeping that sun cream topped up!

Slowly the weather is on the up and we couldn't be happier. With that there is going to be a bit of a sea change in the general look of our beer and cider list. While we always have love for silky, sweet stouts, luscious coffee porters and the like, we will have these styles on less as the temperature goes up.

"What will they be replaced with" though we hear you ask??!

Well in our mind the summer is the time for light, cool and refreshing drinks to sit and sip while the sun is overhead so expect to see more of the following taking space on our menu.

Lagers will obviously play a big part in the line up as we're hard pushed to think of a more popular style in the warmer months. Very few things beat a long, cool lager made by expert brewers from around the UK at this time of year. We will be searching long and hard for the best Helles, Kolsch style, Pilsners and more that we can lay our mitts on!

We are going to up the amount of sour beer we have on offer which might be a totally new style to some of you and an absolute delight for others to hear. Carefully crafted with just the right Ph balance to deliver a crisp, zingy finish while not making your mouth claggy as some of the bigger, thicker styles can do. We already have a couple of special sours tucked up and raring to go on. There are Lemon ones, berry ones and simple, dry hopped, kettle soured ones. If you can think of a fruit there is probably a world class sour beer showcasing all its beautiful, delicate flavours. If you can't tell already, we're excited!!

Our Cider game is going to see a smaller, but no less significant, change as well. Don't panic too soon, we will still have the sweet, fruited ciders that has built quite the fanbase here at Hwb. To nestle alongside, we will have some more of the dry, crisp varieties on offer. The general way of thinking is, would you have an ice lolly or a jam roly poly on a scorching day?

We are incredibly excited for our first summer at Hwb and the drinks we will have on offer is certainly a part of that. We aren't giving away any more secrets just now but keep you eyes on our social media feeds to make sure you don't miss any of these special drinks coming your way.

Thank you as always and love from Team Hwb.

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